People who use Tidal instead of Spotify shall comment please. Thanks.

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    @M1sf3t The only thing I dislike about tidal is on mobile devices, there is a spinner overlay when they sync your music library and you can't scroll through it. This can take a few seconds when you favorited 2k+ songs.

    Otherwise, I'm very happy, especially for the exclusive content and background information about musicians and recorded events like Wacken and stuff.

    I always stream HiFi or Master if available. It can take a second if you start your session fresh, but once it's going, it's going well. I can't say much about bad connectivity, but even normal quality while driving doesn't give me stutters or something annoying running on LTE.

    I could offer you a family participation when the 30 day trial isn't for you. It's worth the money.
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    Tried tidal a while ago and thought it was okay
    But the lack of support for playing your own files was a big no no for me.
    And iirc you can't use a third party client either
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    What @LotsOfCaffeine said is true.

    I like Tidal, although I'm pretty much a nobrainer regarding music.

    I'll just play a stream. That's it.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine I make a discord bot for it rn. That’s why this survey exists.

    But yes, third party integration sucks. Highly concentrated on the music quality itself.

    Which is why I have it. I still play my FLACC’s with Winamp, yo
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    @010001111 yeah I'm planning to quit using Spotify and going back to offline files
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    Can you search for music on Tidal without having an account? Just so i can figure out if it has my favourite artists.
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    @M1sf3t Yeah I’ve been triggered by that the first time too. If I’m not mistaken, the normal subscription is cheaper than Spotify while offering higher quality. Just saying in case you have Spotify. 😝

    @linuxxx If your artists publish CD‘s, they are there. Some Indie artists exists, but likely only the one’s who care about quality in the first place.

    You can join my discord test server and look them up, but also check out my bot, haha!
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    @010001111 Some do, a lot don't, a lot only release singles or EP's 😅
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    @010001111 Could you search for (i don't have discord and not going to either):
    Malice - The Extreme ((album)
    Sickmode - Hey X (album)

    Wondering :)
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    @linuxxx Both are in Tidal. Sickmode - Author, Hey X seems to be an Album.

    The other one: See screenshot.

    Dunno if it's correct xD
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    @IntrusionCM I'll think of some more albums! Not to be annoying, genuinely wondering 😄

    But for now I'm hooked on Spotify due to an extremely cheap deal :)
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    @linuxxx no you cannot do that.

    But it has same if not more artists than Spotify.

    Though Wikipedia says it has a larger catalogue than Spotify
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