I know Windows XP is ancient,but how do people legitimately get anything developed under Windows. It's legitimately frustrating. If it weren't for my sdcard wiping itself when I shutdown I'd probably be using Debian.

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    It's easy. The people in question just aren't whiny and specifically look for things to complain about in their OS.

    Also just what the fuck, XP
    It's as if people have no common sense.
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    You install MingW with GCC or Clang, run your build scripts or makefiles, done. Super easy.
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    Well, it's much easier to develop on a version of Windows that isn't 18 years old and properly supports modern hardware...
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    MingW, Git Bash, WSL, VM, environment variables and Paths.

    A little bit of elbow grease to force things to work when they just don't, and tada, can develop anything, for any platform while having a decent gaming rig.
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    Try installing Debian 3.0 since that came out about the same time as XP 👍
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