Client accepted my proposal, but ghosted me the first time I started asking questions (like which version of MySQL he's using). Do I stop working on the project ? It's been two weeks of reminder emails with no response. The dummy I am didn't get his phone number when we started.

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    If he isn't paying ... yeah probably.

    At small company, we let them know that we're putting their work on hold until the $ come in if we stop hearing form them.
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    @N00bPancakes this was a small project, going to be paid in full at completion.
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    Just a puede of advice, ALWAYS ask for a front payment.
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    @enpega how much do you ask up front? It was a $500 project.
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    @aldkjdjs Yes , I think I did!
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    @devphobe, I ask for payment, at the beginning, half way thru and at the end.
    Normally 30-30-40, but it's a matter of negotiation, if I see something off I look to start with 40
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