Boss: Who knows VB?
Me: I once wrote a calculator
Boss: Good enough! You will edit the companies biggest VB Application.

Lesson learned. When your Boss asks if you know a programming language you do not really know, you are like John Snow: Know nothing

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    Stupid man is boss. Stupid boss assigns jobs stupidly. Company shuts down. Divine providence.
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    VB6 or .NET? Please .net

    Good luck either way
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    @spences10 MS Word Addin. So VB6 i think. It was horrible :D
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    @Gilles add-in sounds like VBA 👍
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    I'm a vb.net dev.... But I think, I'll switch to c#, cause its more spreaded... And only a few von company's are searching for vb devs
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    @spences10 I work with VB6 at work lol 😱, I avoid it when possible but. Not sure how much longer I will stay here lol.
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    Had somwthing similar happen a few weeks ago - it was like who knows typo3 and I said I've once worked with it. Luckily a co-worker also said she knows it fairly well and she got the project.
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