Why have all that “pRoDuCtiViTy lIfeHacKs” and schedules and workflows when you can just be manic

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    Why try all those Todo list tricks when you're too masterful at procrastination anyway.
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    Schedules and workflows are useful. Every time you have both you know that you can automate half the shit with some triggers and an alert for human input. Not always but most reports you have to make are just glorified word documents.
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    @M1sf3t I’m insanely productive when manic. If only there was the way to effectively transfer my knowledge to my manic personality’s consciousness
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    @uyouthe you have a split personality?
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    @mr-user they are not independent, they share same beliefs. Also they can’t coexist and interact. So they’re more like “modes” but they’re so different that there’s something more than just the mood changes going on
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    Productivity life hacks - Be a maniac
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    I feel this one. Deep in my heart.
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