The only 4 mobile games on all app stores: "shit for other consoles or PC or Flash ported badly to mobile for $5", "idle clicker don't-play-to-succeed game fuck you pay me to succeed faster", "complete XYZ random quick thing 300 billion times", and "free-to-make shit like chess or crosswords or w/e but bad so we make money on empty promises"

i just want something good to play when bored in the car or some shit without needing multiple devices

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    It's kinda weird that there's no good mobile games even though the industry seems to be quite large. It's a relief though: I would probably be constantly playing them if I could do it everywhere.
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    theres so many bad mobile games that the cost of marketing is far worse than normal and in the gae industry marketing is *already* your biggest cost.
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    I loved "The room". Not that innovative, but still a good experience on mobile.
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    @dmonkey Falls under the "ported from X" category, I have it on Steam.
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    @Parzi ok I had no idea it's ported
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