The problem when you fall asleep while coding...

you may have really good thoughts before you pass out, you want to formulate them properly so "you" in the morning can get to work immediately, so you close your eyes just for a sec to think. And then you wake up at 10am and you have no idea what was supposed to be the ending of that TODO.


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    Well, one less TODO to worry about
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    @M1sf3t naah, it's intelliJ IDEA.

    Truth be told, I'm scared af to fall asleep with vim open. Not only my file that's being edited can end up fucked up, but the whole system as well.
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    @M1sf3t So that's how you ended up in our dimension
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    You now, that’s why I don’t make nice todos
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    Yo got me in the first half bro...this happened to me yesterday
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