What's your take on Symfony? My dad is making a project in Symfony but he asked me if the current stack I'm using is better (Rust + Sapper/Svelte). I said Symfony is fine (I have very limited experience in it) but I want to give a more useful response to him. Do big projects inevitably turn into a mess in Symfony? Is it enjoyable to work with? I want to recommend him something actually good and not just give him my biased opinion that my stack is better just because I like it more.

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    Love it and find it very maintainable, would love to hear other opinions
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    It’s kinda nice.
    Not a fan of PHP, though.
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    Symfony is fine.

    A few components are .... Pretty brainfuck.

    But since modularization this isn't a problem anymore.

    strict_types / type hints and solid OOP will prevent a lot of mess you could make in PHP.

    My biggest advice would be to read the Changelogs from 5.6 onwards.

    A lot of good stuff exists in PHP that can spare you a lot of pain.

    The number one thing I can disrecommend is listening to StackOverflow or other sites... Think always very careful before Copy n Pasta.

    Most of the shit out there is broken TM and the authors should be punished for putting it online.
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