My math teacher.

Simple story: His way of teaching was like bible study - he dictates the mathematical rules, the students had to write it down _exactly_ as told.
(Yes. He even dictated spaces / newlines / ....).

Had him for many years....
Since I was the rotten apple in class (I was always very weak regarding math), he had joy in mobbing me specifically.

It was one of the reasons I never thought about programming at all - or to be more precise, I _feared_ programming since everyone told me it would require intense knowledge of math.

Well. Fast forward. I went to university despite my fear, just because I was too stubborn to prove my math teacher right.

He was one of the counseling teachers too - and he made _very_ clear that I would fail in _anything_ regarding mathematics job wise.

I failed university, yes.

I gave up simply because I was too bored to learn and replay stuff by heart you'll certainly never need to remember your whole life.

Math played a role, too. Since I lacked the whole mathematical background, I barely passed the tests (mostly by a point).

But thanks to a lot of friends I learned that mathematics is helpful for programming - but not a must.

After giving up university, I started an apprenticeship.

And while I dreaded the decision for a long time, I couldn't be more happy about it.

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    Sounds like my high school teacher.
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    That kind of teacher deserve 4 slaps across the face. Math is already taught wrong at school, but they manage to make it even worse.

    And then people spend their lives thinking they suck at math (sometimes rightly), and will never be able to be good at it (most times wrongly).

    Math is a language for expressing logic, not just a set of arbitrary rules to be learned by heart, and less so a dictation to be no more than the exercise of pensmanship these teacher make it to be...
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    @CptFox Some people see math as a status symbol to be protected from those less deserving. I was lucky and had really good math teachers that encouraged me. I never really struggled with math though. It was one of the subjects I actually cared about. I hated math until 8th grade. Had a teacher that made it fun for me.
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