Learn git. For real. Not just git pull and git push. Setup git with a mergetool and do the gitimmersion tutorial. Be the gitmaster!

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    Whats the best way to learn it ?
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    As usual, fuck up. That's The best way to learn. "Is it possible to revert a deleted file?" "Can I revert a reset?" And so on...
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    Best way to learn it? Use it. I would also recommend doing your first merges by hand just to get the hang of it. Merge tools can be useful for when you know how it works (in my opinion)
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    The best thing that happened to me with git was to start learning it from the shell perspective.
    git may look like it's scary at the beginning but in the end it's a matter of understanding some basic principles (and probably how to navigate through the cryptic official documentation 🤗)
    The good thing about git is that you can just create a new repo with a command, without the need of anything else than your filesystem and when you're done experimenting, you can easily get rid of the folder.
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    @NickB a convenient way to save/store your code where it will always be available. It also helps you track features and release of your product a lot better. And last but but least an ideal way to collaborate when writing code. Aka version control :)
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