20 GOTO 10

It was the late 80's or early 90's, I was around 10 years old, and my jaw dropped when I typed this on the Atari 800XL my parents had just given to me.
Hooked ever since :)

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    Same 1st program as me, from the same era too
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    For me it was just a for loop. We had a substitute teacher who decided to do some actually interesting stuff instead of typing shit in Word. That sent me down the rabbit hole.
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    My old man soldered a hobby computer that ran on BASIC in the early 80's. I was to young to actually get programming but I typed in stuff from a book and it worked :)
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    The fun really started when you figured out how to make it auto-starting, especially after a reboot !

    OLD, BBC Micro springs to mind as one of the old commands..

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    Then you'd wander into your then local friendly computer shop and set up all the different machines to misbehave..

    Of course, it wasn't a capital crime back on those days that it is now !
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