Is this a devRant bug?

I have a persistent (1) on my in-app notification bell (Android). I can't find any unread notification. It should be a comment notification. Maybe somebody generated such a notif, my phone picked it up, and then the other person undid the action that lead to the notif? (E.g. un-++, remove a comment or mention, delete their account, ???).

I see the (1) notification to on the web, and I can't find the actual notification there either!

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    Maybe I was from @ghost
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    It may be a comment got deleted before you can read. Click "Clear".
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    Holy shit! It was only a contrasting button, visible at all times. How did I not see this?

    I guess I've used the notif screen so often, but never the button, that I simply couldn't look at something else than the apparently missing notification! 😵
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    I got this previously, but since I occasionally scroll back my notifications I didn't want to clear it. It went away a month later.
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