I want to add clickable link to my projects in my digital resume... any bright ideas..😜

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    Then add a clickable link. That works if the resume is in any format (e.g. HTML, PDF) that supports links.
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    @Fast-Nop but how idk how to add them
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    @shivv HTML is obvious with the <a> tag. For PDF, you add that before you export to PDF. E.g. in Libre Office or Word, you can add a link and select which type of link (intra-document or web).
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    And to add to @Fast-Nop's comment, if you're using markdown it'll be [placeholder](link)
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    If all else fails, sudo rm -rf /
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    @SortOfTested I just tried it and it worked, I now have a link in my resume
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    Have you tried <link> or <a> ?
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    My idea is to not print it, should work in the digital form but these links never seem to work once you convert then into the paper format.
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