So I tried to buy some recreational stuff from the deep web, and this is what they have replied—

“We're really sorry about it but we have some problems with shipping to your region. We noticed about problems with customs but we have some friends in your region that will help us to pay $55 customs for your parcel and pass it smoothly. If you agree to continue we can get your additional $55 usd payment to the bitcoin address below.”

Is this a scam?

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    They have to pay someone to shove them in their ass for a day 🤷‍♂️
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    Of cause it is. I assume whatever your buying us in some way illegal so who would you report them to?

    They are either not counting on you to be a recurring customer, or they know you will be so addicted that you will put up with any abuse from them to get more.

    Either way, you loose.
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    Consider your drop burnt and your money gone. While you can still ask for a refund, expect the drop address in the wrong hands eventually.
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    Not necessarily, but **most likely**
    If they were „friends“ they’d just notify you that it takes a bit longer and it’ll be on its way.

    Next time just hang out with some smokers and you’ll get a reliable dealer.

    Been a driver for 3 years and done customer acquisition.
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