Whenever I see conversations my boss has about a new tech stack (containerization) and how he wants/envisions future projects to be built on it.

I just find myself repeating in mind "you gotta learn to walk first before you can run.... Otherwise u will stumble all over yourselves and end up with a mess" or a pile of shitty undocumented apps that only God knows what they do and work, and a still broken dev process that led to this mess.

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    Yep. Containerization is awesome, but you definitely need to work into it. Pilot project to ferret out infra and process issues, then a granular approach to what can even be migrated at the very least.

    What's your current infra look like and what container orchestration platform is he targeting?
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    I've worked with docker for years now but I still don't recommend people to use it if they aren't already familiar with it.

    It works great, simplifies my work flows, and I couldn't live without it, but there is an embarrassing amount of hours behind it; learning things the hard way and running into a whole new curriculum of issues you have never dealt with before.
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    @SortOfTested sorry read the comment but forgot to reply... I'm actually sorta on vacay these few weeks but still in the informal team chat...

    Infra is basically Openshift Enterprise Cloud? Just need to figure out how to use it... Build, deploy manage projects in it.

    And I guess how it all works, just lots of parts should really understand rather than just going from 0 to 100.
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    @ltlian well yes gotta put in the hours but he's sorta "we want to do ..." And I'm going "wait hold it.... Let's go step by step, iterate rather than all or nothing".

    And maybe that's the thing with my boss or a lot of bosses, and maybe jr devs. They don't really know how to break things up into more manageable units, milestones.

    I guess like in those interview books, you should talk thru all ur steps rather than just pumping out code.

    I'm the only person I think on the entire team that creates architecture/Visio diagrams decomposing the problem and requirements, components needed, known unknown.

    Rather than just jump to coding or whatever the first step is...

    Reminds of that joke test where all the questions are hard but last question then says none of the previous questions count.
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    Just saw this lol
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