Getting a new laptop tomorrow, and was planing the process of setting it up.

Steps for new windows computer
1. Delete all included software... all of it.. call an exorcist if needed. Cast out the demons. Seriously, fuck you norton, and fuck you mcafee.

2.Use Edge to download ANY other browser.

3.edit system files to disable Edge, because fuck Edge.

4.install linux subsystem.

5.intall linux software like git, and use git to restore rc files.

6.party all night (code)

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    *Linux thirst trap*
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    This enables you to add os-prefixes, templates, and more to your dotfile management.

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    My inner linux demon told me to write this:

    1. Install <insert linux distro>
    2. install <insert browser> via <insert package manager>
    4. Install wine

    I also just realize, that you don't need steps 3 and 5 then
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    @ochuwa people love the weirdest things
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    I got a new one a few days ago. Had to swap for a larger drive, so I used Windows Media Creation tool to create a bootable USB-stick. After that, installing Windows took just 15-20 mins! Might be worth the time, just to get rid of all the OEM-crap (still get a bit of MS-crap, though).
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    sometimes linux sucks a lot but still loves linux....
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    Wine is a noble effort, but not half usefull. As soon as they can get pc VR to run on linux I'm all in going full linux. Untill then, windows with linux sub system is where I'm hanging my hat.
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