Is it safe to assume that Dell's power button PCB-s all communicate the same way? They all have a single button and four wires.

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    I have no clue, although I am curious as to why you are wondering :P
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    @millido I took my old laptop apart, I want to nail it on a piece of wood for easier handling and make it into a homelab but for that I'd like a power button pcb on which I can reach the button without a pencil.
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    Why does it matter if all their' pcb's work the same way? Check which of the four wires get shorted when you press the button, and then make a extension cable yourself with a button on the end.

    Nice project btw :D
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    @millido I can't solder and this is a tiny plastic strip, it's hard to split the wires.
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    @Lor-inc aha that makes it at bit harder.
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