That feeling when you boot up your shiny new laptop for the first time and there's no fucking Cortana, online accounts or mandatory updates right out of the box.

Thank you Dell ❤️

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    That said... it's still getting reformatted anyway 🙈
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    Oh god, how will you live without Paint 3D or People app?!
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    What model is that?
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    @michezio Precision 7530
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    Cover that camera. Other then that nice.
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    But they still give the win icon on the superkey
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    I thought you'd be thanking Ubuntu 😅

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    If it's not a rant, why tag it as such? 🤔
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    @nathanchere well, you also tagged it as "not a rant"
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    @Krokoklemme the tag actually is called "rant / story" and I think it fits.
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    @Wombat i feel like "random" would've been more appropriate, since it's also not really a story either ^^
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    @SecFreak as long as I use this app I won't tolerate anybody bitching about cathegories. There were no tags when I started using it and now people are loosing the focus, that this app is actually a social network. Don't kill people for words.
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    @SecFreak "in no way a rant" - except for fuck Cortana, forced updates, mandatory telemetry, etc, all the exciting Windows 10 features you know and love...

    The only thing that might maybe make this less of a rant is ending with something positive instead of the instinctive #FuckYouWin10
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    @nathanchere I would've done the same lol.
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