Posted this as comment, but it deserves it's own rant.

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    This is the PERFECT description
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    Calm down and rage quit.
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    BTW your account name looks like ten nines in your profile.
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    I feel this. I have a colleague who will literally stand in my doorway while I'm in the middle of typing and wait for me to turn around an acknowledge him. Then he'll tell me about something pointless and leave.
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    @spongessuck and then you think about that pointless thing all day.
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    There seems to be a widespread consensus, that developers hate interruptions. That it ruins their productivity. I wonder why I don't feel that way. I always have notes and open browser tabs with google searches, so I am never thrown off my trail of thought
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    @eldamir i have add so I naturally trail off from time to time regardless. I cope just fine lol
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