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    Sorry, first letter of your name is taken.
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    Sorry, your full name "Richard Davis" is already taken. May I suggest " RichardDavis3" "2DavisRichard" "223RichhhardDaviss"
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    It isn't a proper form if it doesn't have the classic "optional" field that is actually mandatory (I came across one of these yesterday).
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    Apologies, That Gender has already been taken. 😂
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    Oh, that must explain why we have so many of those nowadays.
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    - hey do you wyome
    - yes I’m wyoming right now
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    Worst sin: Dashes in non-ISO date format.
    Either use YYYY-MM-DD (ISO) or DD.MM.YYYY (local format in some countries).
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    @uyouthe Wait so you're at a government facility? Because everyone knows Wyoming isn't real, it's just a government lab where they did a dry run before they faked the moon landing in a Nevada desert.

    Kanye's ranch is the only part that isn't government owned.
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    @Stuxnet wyoming is a verb you scallywag
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    @Stuxnet can’t believe you morons believe in those theories. I bet you also believe that you know Obama’s last name
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    @uyouthe nah bro it's a myth.

    And trick question he doesn't have a last name.
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    The image of the rant didn't loaded several seconds and when it loaded i started to read and brain interpreted the "date of birth" text as "time of death" 😕
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    Sorry, the human already was registered on the site.
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    @Oktokolo Official date format was actually dd-mm-yyyy here (Netherlands), until EU made the ISO standard official for all member states.
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    You should feel lucky about that.
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    @Oktokolo Yes, because now we have three formats used by governments (dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd, and dd.mm.yyyy)
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    Hey, at least they all are logically ordered somehow. Imagine having to deal with batshit crazy formats like mm/dd/yy...
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    @devanddanav omg that’s why they came with gazillion other, it all makes sense now
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    Sorry, another person already signed in today
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