I picked up my phone for something important. Devrant was already on the screen, read a rant. Commented. And now I forgot why I’d picked up the phone.

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    phone addiction is real 😢
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    To gaze at your endless gallery of porn for an unprecedented amount of time
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    I get genuinely concerned when I take out the phone from my pocket, LITERALLY the next second forget what I wanted to check, put it away again, then realize oh yeah what's the time. And yes, the time is the only thing showing on my lockscreen.
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    Looks like it wasn't that important after all.
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    @ltlian I had a friend who brought a smart watch (some famous brand HP or something) for $250.

    That watch could virtually do everything that his phone can even and then do few things more.

    So after he was done showing off to us (back in days when smart watches were new and an expensive thing), we went to canteen and ordered food.

    Dude takes out his phone, does something and puts back in. He keeps doing it every 5 minutes and is annoyed towards the chef for taking long to deliver since he was hungry.

    I asked the dumb fellow why is he taking out his phone? He said, I wouldn't understand (as we mocked each other a lot).

    Then he does it again and everyone asks him and I say that your watch can do everything that your phone does, why bother checking phone now.

    His reply was to, he was checking time in the phone while we waited impatiently for the order.

    Yes, we are still friends.
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    @heyheni Have you read the book, Hook?
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    @F1973 do you mean this one?
    Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, Book by Nir Eyal

    no I did not
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    @heyheni As you are a designer, I would highly recommend you this book.

    Edit: Same author launched another book last year.


    Not that good but for normal people, it is on similar lines and pretty impactful.
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