"Flatpak is the best package manager because it doesn't use your local fs and it does all sorts of lib-sharing and the more you use it the less space things take up and..."

it hosed /usr when installing one (1) program from the official repo

So very glad I keep last-good system partitions backed up to another drive.

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    thanks devrant for not playing the gif even when i ask you to
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    Yep. Anything that runs as sudo can fuck your fs. The chrome snap is a good example of this, you give it sudo, and then it just downloads the shit off the package repo indirectly.
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    @SortOfTested Yep. If your package manager has a bug, bye bye system!
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    theres something magical when you're leading a project or group you tell someone "xyz needs done" and when you come back not only is xyz done or in the process, they tell you about problems *you would have* anticipated if you were doing it, and how they handled it, and it turns out they handled it just the way *you* would have.

    if you know how to pick em, other people are the best form of automation!
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    Spy sappin' mah /home !
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