I'm nearly crying today. 1 and half year ago I started my own business (gaming and android app dev company). Today I own an office and hired another person to help me. Why it took me 1,5 goddamn year to realize that working alone from my bedroom on 4-5 projects at the same time is not healthy nor productive in the long run? It seems that this shit took some self growth to realize that I can actually trust other human beings.

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    Congratulations :)

    Sometimes the being patient does pay off.

    Sometimes right things happen at the right time.

    Very happy for you. Hope you, your team and business flourish a lot.

    Stay blessed :)
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    Hiring someone is a BIG decision.

    I don't blame you for holding off.

    I've known folks who were doing fine, then hired people and it went bad.... other times it was long overdue.
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    Congratulations, both on the obvious and on probably having more time to be human again ;-)
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    I'm approaching my own one year mark... And I dream when I can start hiring people. Most likely not in six months, but.... Someday.
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    congratulations. i can only envy you and continue trudging on a similar path that i started 12 years ago and i'm still further behind than you were when you started 1 and half years ago.
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    @Midnight-shcode it actually took me 9 years since I started doing this from 2011. Only went fully legit 1,5 years ago
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    @zemaitis slight change in the numbers, no change in the point.

    thanks for trying to make me feel better, though :)
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    @Midnight-shcode hang in there buddy :)
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