Searched stackoverflow and found the exact issue I was having. The question is from 2014.

The accepted answer is a messy hack. Fuck.

The second answer is clean, clear, concise. It was posted 38 minutes ago.

Is this real life?

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    at least its not this.
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    @magicMirror Even worse are the "never mind, I solved it" assholes who don't fucking post HOW.
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    @Fast-Nop because they don’t know how
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    @010001111 right , yhey just changed a bunch of stuff and it started to work ( or their college rebooted the db or something)
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    Maybe because the simple clearer answer was given after the accepted answer by something like a year?
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    Plot twist: the second answer is yours, but it was posted by your alternative personality you’re unaware of because you can’t coexist
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    Remember on SO there is always that answer which is not accepted and don't have enough upvotes, but has one comment that says something like - "This is the best answer" or "This should be the accepted answer" or "This solved my problem and not the accepted one" etc.

    Always try that answer. Works most of the time.
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    @scorpionk Wait, does that mean you read SO and just copy paste the code and observe the output until you get the result you want?

    I always wondered how some of my co-workers seem to create hacky/buggy code that makes no sense.
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    @dontknowshit Does that mean Blindly copying accepted solution from SO is how you write clean code? (almost clean as no code is perfect clean code)

    If you don't read SO that itself explains how much you know about your code.
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    Well nit always accepted answer is the best solution, I just sometimes take idea for writing my code, instead of copying then crying then fixing the code😂
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