Google got documenting right. Any product from google got a solid documentation — change my mind.

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    ­čŹ┐angular haters asseeeembleeeee.
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    @SortOfTested haha what else?
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    Angular docs are great, but there's a lot of people who just want someone to spoon-feed them the result of Dijkstra's algorithm.
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    Unfortunately, Google's services are usually as well-documented as they are transient.
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    *waits for comments from Google haters advocating for Privacy and how Google is bad*
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    I always feel like I can never close any tabs because I'm afraid I won't ever find them again when ready Google documentation
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    @pythondev haha I don't believe you.
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    Angular's docs generator Dgeni. I tried to use it once, but I have no fucking clue how it is supposed to work and why the docs of Angular 2 use a AngularJS docs generator.
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    @SortOfTested I don't want stuff to be spoon-fed, I want stuff to be usable, including documentation. Nothing's clickable, it's linear reading or nothing, and it's not even respecting its own conventions.

    We're supposed to use observables everywhere, except when passing up data, then we're using event emitter, a different way to do async.
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    @SortOfTested you admitted yourself that it needed tons of theoretical prerequisites to be understood properly. How much of a pedant gatekeeper do you have to be to call that a great thing?
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    They got the coolest documentation but their docs website has idk what kind of black magic fuckery that makes my chrome dead ass slow. I guess its something to do with the fact that their docs would work even when there's no internet. Also those pages are super slow to load, so they are definitely not static.

    But the way google backs their reference docs with guides , codelabs , github examples , videos and issue/version trackers, i believe they have got an integrated environment as super right
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    It's stuff most people learn in practice on large projects. Dunno what else I can say.

    I'm starting to feel our industry is now weak because people just don't know how to read anymore. I have no idea how most people passed linear algebra.
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    @SortOfTested Agreed. Had a junior cry big crocodile tears, as she had to actually read documentation for once. She was completely lost without the IDE autocompleting everything.
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