Y'all upto some productive stuffs while here I am switching between dark and light modes of the IDE

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    Fun fact: You can put spaces in the tags on rants
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    Thought the same in the last two days where I was configuring vim and i3
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    Fluke your life indeed.
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    Is there any reason why you need to constantly switch between dark and light mode?

    Just stick to one mode.

    I prefer dark mode btw.
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    Productive? Wtf is that. I'm just clicking checkboxes, hundreds of fucking checkboxes - and no I can't automate this, as I have to select specific ones in a mine field 😕

    @pxeger #zerotalentgang didn't give it away?
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    @mr-user I was just fiddling with the vs code themes. There are wayyy too many of those. Indecisiveness had me occupied till I moved on with the dark mode.
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    @C0D4 @pxeger seestillnospaces
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    I literally find myself spending lots of time just to set up the proper environment
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