Was told to "not reinvent the wheel" by the same senior who seems to think that:
1. Fetching a self signed certificate
2. Adding a new entry to my `etc/hosts`
3. Manually importing the certificate to hijack Firefox's security

..in order to access the app at "something.loc" instead of "localhost" is perfectly fine.

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    Somehow the two seem unrelated
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    Yeah that IS perfectly fine.
    Specially when you work on multiple websites for multiple clients using IIS as a server for example.

    That does NOT fall under "reinventing the wheel".. That is the original wheel
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    @MrCSharp Ok, I was wrong about this being wheel reinvention but my opinion about this practice remains the same: this is hacky and shouldn't be the standard.

    It adds acquisition cost for developers to start a new project, it is system specific (I thank God I don't have to do any of this on a Windows machine) and pollutes your entire system with the configuration of an specific app you might not be working on any day in the future.

    I also do not know the details of the certificate but I guess depending on how they make it also adds unnecessary work load to some other developer up the chain.

    What's wrong about launching local apps under different ports of localhost? The port of the app being in .env so app config stays inside the app, and it will work out of the box in every system.
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