Someone made a comment at work about my chances of being today at work since I have a tendency to ngaf about Tuesdays.

Currently I am at the car dealership getting my car serviced.

It offends me greatly that they would say such shit.

I mean, sure, I am about to go buy beer and food and call it a day afterwards. But still, hurtful.

I feel like steak today.

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    Sorry about your shitty colleague. People don't realise how much words can hurt...
    Speaking of, I just died in an hour long run on a game because I got a work call. The audacity of some people!
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    @NoMad wat in the butt
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    @Jilano some people just have no manners whatso
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    @AleCx04 in your butt, but in either case, why would you go to work anyways? Covid is running loose!
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    @NoMad i am not, I work from home lol
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    steak only with green pepper sauce
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    Update: It is almost 6, been drinking since 2.

    Fucking win.
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    @AleCx04 Well done! Keep it up, it's still Tuesday somewhere
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    I wish I worked somewhere I could just not show up/log in for a day without anyone caring. I mean my work is pretty chill but evidently they could be chiller
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