From 1978 comes the original, go to C programming language book. About 200 pages, packed full of the details of the C language. It’s a book that sits on your desk. No matter how many times I’ve read this book I always find something new in it.

Great book written.

Only recently purchased the physical books edition 1 and 2.. in the past I only ever read it on pdf or someone else’s hardcopy.

Being a embedded engineer, shame on me for not having this book at a desk ornament sooner lol.

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    Hey! I remember that book!
    I used to draw on it when I was a toddler because the pages were so crispy!

    ... And then I had to read the same book when I was in college... 😒😒
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    Long time no see, dear keyboard
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    What happens when you run out of CS books finally read the Uni-Bomber manifesto?
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    Here a video of Brian Kernigan explaining unix at bell labs in 1972.
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    I have the second edition. It’s the gem of my collection
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