Seems devrant is being attacked by some bots...

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    Has been for a while
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    @dfox still around?
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    The bots are taking over. Prepare for doomsday.
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    I am curious what happens when you tag it?
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    It's pretty common for a platforms like these.

    Not even captcha will help, those bots act completely like human. We have this recording tool on our website enabled and they are unrecognizable from a real human being. Although pretty much all of them follow the same path (moving mouse), it looks to be randomized a little so they won't get caught.
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    We need AI to fight those bots.
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    @Bybit260 bots against bots, I like the idea.
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    @neeno but then they figure out that the optimal strategy is to collaborate so they then with together to over the world?
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    Many times the bots are not bots, but real people in clickfarms and mturk
    That is why bot protection wont work
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    What triggers me is that I cant pass captchas, I have to try like 4 times. I might be a bot or something. IDK who knows...
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    Ahhhh... developers
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