I got to thinking it might be nice to have my own personal fingerprint reader. I could carry it with me and hook to my work computer for tasks such as sudo and login. At home I could login. I figured there ought to be some nice cross platform devices... Oh hell fuck no. Its all Windows shit. Most of them say windows 10 and usually say don't work on Linux, Mac, or Android.

So I think I am going to hack my own:

I have a 3d printer that I can use to enclose this and make it look nice and personalized. I can embed any kind of functionality I want to make this work.


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    I’ve wanted this before, but I’m not hardware inclined enough to build it myself.

    I gave up on it for the same reasons you outlined. 🙁
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    Now I'm encouraged to do the same lol.
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    There needs to be an openbiometrics set of drivers for shit like this. I was thinking of building something really bad for both linux/windows. Then put on github and try and attract actual security pros to help "do it right".
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    Back in my reverse engineering days I would have grabbed a Windows only one deliberately and then carefully sniffed and documented the protocol, before writing a Linux & Mac driver. It's not that hard, but it is time consuming - and I don't really have the time anymore for that sort of hobby.
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    @AlmondSauce Well I have an ulterior motive.

    I want to add other biometrics types to the code. Like asshole scanners, which asshole is sitting in front of the computer.
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    @Nanos That sucks
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    I don't think that a self-made fingerprint scanner is a good idea. Why don't you use a build-in webcam with biometrical software https://recfaces.com/ for example? I think it is a much better idea than yours.
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