Fuck Facebook API , fuck Facebook SDK.
Basically fuck everything related to Facebook

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    I feel your pain my fellow developer friend :-\
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    @misfitDev I spent about 2 hours trying to upgrade to their newest SDK. Fucking nightmare
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    And thus, Fuckbook was created.
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    I found React.js quite enjoyable🤔
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    May not apply to what you're doing.


    Generally helpful to wrap any external APIs inside a class that handles everything being sent/received for the rest of the code.

    That way if/when it changes you only need to update your code in one place.
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    Fuck you - facebook
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    React and React Native is really worth it and it's made by Facebook 😊
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    Please don't fuck React, I really like it 🙁
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    Fuck Facebook API,The documentations are messy, and the API must be strictly APP reviewed, which consumes a lot of development time.
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