Epic games got big balls

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    It's all fun and games until Apple bans Unreal from Mac. Lol
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    @sudocode I don’t think apple is a company that would want to make too many enemies
    I am just happy for developer community. I mean you pay 30% apple tax then 30% govt tax that’s too much

    I know apple won’t allow 3rd party payments but even if they reduce apple tax by 10%, or instead of removing app may be just block the feature that is not following guidelines. These are welcome improvements
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    I don't think Apple will back off. I mean either this arm-twisting via Unreal engine or maybe a deal from under the table exclusively with Epic games.

    Reducing apple tax from 30% globally? Doubt that big time.
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    The more details I hear about apple platforms the more de-incentivized I am to build anything for those platforms.
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    @sudocode They may *have* to back off if the lawsuit goes against them. Clearly Epic's lawyers think there's a very good chance of that happening, or else they wouldn't have planned this in the first place.
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    @AlmondSauce Yeah, interesting to see how this unfolds eventually. Another lawsuit of Basecamp vs Apple comes to mind built on the same premise of monopoly and antitrust. Things seem to have simmered down for them though.

    It would be epic if it goes Apple vs Others. Would be one hell of a case study at least.
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    @sudocode Could be others vs Apple and Google. Google takes a similar percentage and has excluded Epic stuff from play store because this as well.
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    @Demolishun oh google is much worse !!

    Atleast apple tells you what you have done wrong
    Google just says fuck off and deletes your app
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    @hardfault I know on android you can install apks outside of play store. Can you do this on apple? Or is it completely locked down?
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    @Demolishun but we can’t make money on those apps that are from outside play-store

    Yes apple is completely locked, you can’t do any development without paying $99 to apple
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