First, thank you all very much for the great community!

I am doing a pure/applied math degree, the one which resolves around prooving theorems. I kinda like it but I am pretty bad, I work as a Python dev, not great there as well tho. I use all my days off to study and Im still faiiling most of my exams, can't seem to memorize everything. I feel like next year will slip by as well, i will burn my holidays for uni again and the beat outcome would be a degree in something that I kinda understand, with a thesis that is interesting. There is no career benefit(none expected in first place).

Should I just drop out? Why am I doing this? Would I be doing something better otherwise?

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    You can always pivot for your PhD. If you're almost done, finish it out.

    If you're not almost done, consider switching to a different program that can reuse at least some of the coursework.

    End of the day, if you don't like it now, it's usually not going to get better magically.

    What prompted you to go into your masters program to begin with?
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    @SortOfTested I am more than halfway there, I don't see myself in Ph. D, I like the professors and felt I will enjoy the theory, but it is hard to like stuff, you don't understand. I alao liked the uni, wanted to stay there for the people, accomodation, erasmus. I don't believe that jobs are interesting and progressive, I believe that u can't get paid for sometging u like, so uni is a great place for that.
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    I am fairly certain you can understand everything being thrown at you.....just not in their timeframe. I love math, but I am a slow learner, I need time. Maybe its the same with you man.

    One thing is for sure, if you ain't enjoying it it won't get any better.
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