Man nothing quite like reworking some code to make it 'better' so that nobody has to read it top to bottom to make a change.

And then months later get a request and think "Oh crap that code".... and you go in and find the little hooks you added made a 3 or 4 hour (or more) change into a 15 minute task.

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    But, where's the value for the customer there?

    I know the feeling, rewrote monstrous pice of garbage recently and felt like relief next time I opened that code!

    Well 1 down, 58 screens to go LOL!
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    @devJs For the customer value is in next changes they want to do. Its an investment :)
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    @arekxv I know, thats agenda I constantly want to push.

    I wrote that 'cause managers be like: "user can't see that change, so not important!!!1 who cares about code if it just works herp derp!!1"

    To quote my favourite rap artist: 'But the code’s so s***ty
    We never cared as long as the app looked pretty'
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