Just deleted Facebook so can create a new one... That's well filled with less crap...

Why does FB make it so hard to do simple things like unlike pages....

Thought it wanted to be friends.... But guess I'll just exploit it going forward.

It's not a friend's, it's a tool.

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    Don’t change your mind. Be like others. Just like, subscribe and forget.
    There was nokia before:
    “Nokia, connecting people”
    Now there’s a tool for lazy bastards who click and forget:
    “FB, connecting bots to people and bots“
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    @vane well I need a clean slate basically I guess to redo my online identity.

    But this was just like wtf... I give you a second chance to be useful and immediately I already hate you
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    @donuts you’re not addicted swiping monkey, outlaw who question usefulness of big brother. How dare you ?
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    Facebook makes money off all that info - likes, visits, comments... it's like trying to talk out a vampire, as he's sucking blood off you, and into trying fruit.
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    @theKarlisK yes I know but is it really a good idea to continually remind the users about that fact?

    Every single time, they need a confirm, they're looking saying "are you sure we can't make money off this fact about you?"
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    @donuts they have that in place so that they could slow you down or harrass you into giving up without getting sued.
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    @theKarlisK well I would sue fb to just break then up instead
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    If a service is free, you are the product, my little panda wan.

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    @dder but it seems this service really hates it's "products" or Zuckerberg is just sadistic, vengeful person? (Not sure what the right word is but ...)

    Zuckerberg: I'd like to remind you again that I own you! Hahahaha! Man it's great to be me! I'm awesome! King of the world! Yep ....
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    Ah I got it... Narcissist


    Zuckerberg: ah Trump... Pfft... Yes I own him too... He just doesn't know it yet... Such a fun guy to play with
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    I just login on facebook, post my shit and close the tab. Not even checking notifications.
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    @uyouthe isn't that Twitter?
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    @donuts twitter is the same to me, same scheme
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    @uyouthe I'm starting to see Twitter as my yelling hole, for like stress relief, if I want to scream at a particular company, person etc.

    @Facebook fck u!
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    Sooo use Twitter to shout at Facebook

    Use Facebook to shout at twitter

    Use devrant shout at both
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    @dder yep so guess that's what social media is for.

    Just pick the location best to do your shouting lol
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    @dder Mostly, not always.
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