It has always pissed me off that people will judge a game because it doesn’t have good/traditional graphics, or an incredible story, or other stuff like that.

So when people judge video games like Dwarf Fortress & NetHack, I get pissed because the devs that made those games put so much effort in creating really complex amazing games that are really detailed and fun (if you take the time to learn)

And those games can be so complex because they are ascii based and I personally don’t see that as a bad thing because that means they can just focus on gameplay and it’s fucking awesome and to me it’s inspiring.

Idk if anyone else agrees but it’s always just pissed me off to hear “That’s stupid it has no graphics” or “this isn’t a game it’s just text” or other stupid shit.

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    Well not everything is for everyone
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    @SoldierOfCode I suppose but I believe that to judge a game by its looks is ignorant. I can be more lenient when it comes to story or gameplay in some cases but that’s about it personally.
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    @Bubbles I couldn't agree more, but lf people were known to take good and rational decisions, we would not be in this shit.

    When it comes to gaming, players think they want some hardcore, full loot PvP, etc. But that's a lie. They want the same thing over and over just a little bit different.
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    @Jilano yeah it’s a shame but you have a point
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    The problem is with 'judging' altogether - people doing it not to provide honest and useful insights but only to look sassy and feel like they belong in certain groups
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    hey man! really loved your profile
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    @Bubbles DF steam release graphics looks great tho. Also fighting with UI an graphics isn't for everyone, but ignorants are frustrating
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    Dwarf Fortress is such a gem! It took me awhile to get used to the ascii art but getting passed that the gameplay is awesome. Also highly recommend rim world for those who want a similar experience with more traditional graphics.
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    “I hate people who don’t like what I like”
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    @Omnisus yeah I saw, I’m hoping it’ll expand the community a bit more

    @jpl20 NetHack and Cave of Qud are also games similar (although cave of qud has a little more graphics to it)

    @aviophile I could care less if someone doesn’t like what I like, I just don’t like when people judge games (or anything really) for ignorant reasons

    @F1973 yeah you’re right there, in hindsight I shouldn’t have worded it like that.
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    @Bubbles I'm one of those people. It just annoys me, I'm a sucker for eyecandy, what can I say?
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