How many of you play music?

If you do, what instrument do you play, and does it help you clear your mind/calm down from programming stress?

Just curious.

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    Electric guitar with a lot of pedals, digital or analog. I also experiment with making pedals myself, vintage fuzzes are the hardest. Also digital synths, mostly pads.

    Not play anymore though because of consequences of wrongful “therapy”
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    I used to play the violin up to 25 years ago.
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    I also used to play violin.
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    Violin and piano - though I rarely find the time to play these days unfortunately.
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    I've been playing guitar (electric and acoustic) on and off for 10 years. No idea how to read or write music but I can pay covers.

    It's a hobby like any other, but yeah progressing a skill can be therapeutic.
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    I play electric guitar and bass. I don't think of it as a relaxing element, but it is training parts of brains that doesn't light up when programming. So maybe it's kind of a mode switch for brains that does good to switch once in a while.
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    I do play guitar, synths and rhythm drum box.
    I always play it, one day without music is not a good day. I can't say if it helps for stress ☺️
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    @uyouthe that sounds interesting although idk what pedals are

    @Voxera @mr-user the violin is fuckin dope and beautiful

    @AlmondSauce piano is awesome it’s a shame you can’t find the time to do it more

    @CoffeeSnake I’m a believer that you don’t need to write music to be able to play and it and enjoy it πŸ˜„

    @joas yeah it’s always good to train as much as your brain as possible.

    @Dakhtara well it sounds like you enjoy it!
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    @Bubbles pedals are sound effects. Your raw sound comes in and modified sound comes out. You plug your guitar into a pedal, and your pedal into your amplifier. You can stack pedals, for example add distortion and reverb. They called so because often there is a footswitch to toggle the effect
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    I play music keyboard when I have some spare time. Don't know notations, chords but mostly I can play 2-3 lines of any song I like. It thrills me to set tune of songs I like by doing experiments & unwinds me for next work day.
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    @uyouthe ohh I see. That’s pretty cool
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    I play fx pedals and amps. Sound source is usually a bass, electric guitar or synths. And I want to be clear with it: the effect pedals is what I consider my instrument, not bass or guitar or something else..
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