Devrant should have a feature to unsubscribe notifications on a rant + notifications should say from which rant it came from. These would be much appreciated improvements.

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    You can already unsubscribe from a rant
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    @Jilano Oh, didn't notice it before. Still it would be easier to do it directly from notifications tab.
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    Comes in handy from time to time.
    Although I agree the ++ ones would be handy if they showed something identifiable about the rant.
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    @C0D4 Have an old android phone, so this doesn't work for me :/
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    @C0D4 what identifies a rant? User avatar? First sentence? Most common word? Nothing works particularly well.
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    @Root that's a hard one, we don't have any form of titles and tags are usually just nonsense 🤔

    rant owner might narrow it down though.
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    @Root @C0D4 Copy what facebook does. It works
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    @yehaaw Which is...?
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    @Root Idea:

    *Profile pic*
    Person A commented on Person B rant: "Person A comment"


    *Profile pic*
    Person A commented on Person B rant: "Person A comment".
    <small>First 10letters of Person B rant</small>
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