I prefer a small company with good interpersonal bonds rather than a large company full of pretentious, obnoxious and disconnected co-workers.

I've been in both situations and the first one definitely beat the second one for me. Lunch at a large company.. shudders.. what a nightmare: forced topics, bullying, disconnect, bragging,.. Then again, small companies aren't innocent either; I've been to a crappy one too. It all depends on the people and how down-to-earth they are.

My two cents.

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    Working for someone/anyone else sucks cock.
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    @molaram lololol true.
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    @CaptainRant a small company usually means less obnoxious hierarchy...

    I think that hierarchy is a two based sword.

    It makes sense as long as everyone can raise their voice.

    And that's rarely how hierarchy is handled in larger companies.

    It's more: be obedient and get paid, no matter what brainfucked clustershit we expect you to do.

    And with that I have an _major_ issue.
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    @IntrusionCM Indeed. I've worked in another small company before and there it was Mr. favorite developer gets a say in everything and the rest gets to stfu, which also wasn't right.

    I love it when I have full ownership. <3
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