Fuck. I just realized that because I picked Firebase for an SPA I was making for a client a year ago, I will need to keep updating the damn backend forever. Node 8 has reached EOL in the end of 2019, so Firebase has deprecated it and will *remove support* for it in 2021. Ok, I updated the app to work with node 10. But what happens when node 10 gets deprecated and loses support? Am I going to be forced to update the project once again so that it can keep running? Have the people at Firebase heard of backwards compatibility?

The reason I chose Firebase in the first place was because I wouldn't have to deal with servers (stuff like that scared me back then) and because it was free (client likes free stuff, of course). Had I picked a simple Express + MongoDB combo I would be able to deploy the thing when I was done and just leave it there forever, at the cost of ~$5/mo on DigitalOcean. But no, I was scared of the unknown so now I have to live with the shitfest that Firebase is. Fucking hell.

Disclaimer: I would not use Express and MongoDB in a project today, I have outgrown JS backend (thank god) and I prefer the safety of a relational DB.

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    Could you put graphql between firebase and the app and use it as an orm? So that Firebase doensn't detect the node version?
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    @heyheni what? Idk how familiar you are with firebase, but the problem is not a node 8 application connecting to Firebase or using the Firebase sdk, problem is that a node 8 application runs on firebase's servers (cloud functions), so if they say node X is not supported you're fucked and forced to update in order to keep your backend online.
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    Plus making any significant changes to the code base is a no-no. I'm disgusted by this piece of work (that I've wrote, may God forgive me). I just want to be done with it. Plus I already got paid, so it would be free work.
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    @neeno ah ok... I'm sorry.
    Yeah hmm maybe cut off this customer?
    As off 20% of your costumers produce 80% of your profit.
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    What does your contract say?
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    @electrineer @heyheni I have no contract, this was my first client and it was very informal. Though when the time comes to update it again, in case it takes a lot of work (more than an hour), I will charge for my time. I'm also not cutting her off because she's a "friend" of my mom. I know, I shouldn't have accepted the job, but I didn't know better at the time and I was very happy to have my first client.
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