Can we get a translator bot? I can't copy paste the text in app, so every time I want to translate some rant, I have to copy rant link, open it elsewhere, copy the text, and then go translate it.

Like, bots must do it easier and faster, right?

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    🤔 for a rant or a comment?
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    @C0D4 the rants. Specially those spams that are ads in other languages.
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    @NoMad as long as google translate is "good enough" I can't see why not.

    500,000 characters / month before it becomes a financial issue #abuseTheBot 😅

    This bot might need to get smart about that and just turn it's self off after a while or queue up the requests.
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    @NoMad Just -- that shit. If it isn't in English, it's spam anyway.
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    @NoMad what's depressing is I can't find one of those rants 😅
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    Might I suggest something like Universal Copy if you're on Android? Not 100% ideal, but at least a bit more streamlined
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    @chilledfrogs I still think it would be best if you could just tag a bot and it could translate stuff to English. It doesn't have to be Google, it just needs to be 80% English.
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    @NoMad Yeah I understand, was just suggesting a potential interim solution 😅
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    @NoMad good thing I don't spend my whole day working just to build a devRant bot in my down time.... oh 😂
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    @C0D4 well, the idea is yours. I don't have the means to make or host a bot rn. Otherwise there are a bijillions discord bots I'd be making.
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    @NoMad , Obligatory first post.... devrant doesn't like green dots 🤷‍♂️

    Good thing @C0D4 already has a framework for bots, just need to hook it into that Google Api and add my credit card...,

    oh the irony

    "The Google Cloud free account requires a credit card to verify that those signing up are real people and not bots or anonymous troublemakers."
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    @translate yeah.... Thanks m8! @C0D4
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    @C0D4 maybe give it an explanatory first post too. We can link that later to anyone who asked what it is.
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    @NoMad first post has to be manual these days, mr dfox made bot life's difficult 😅

    Anywho, I'm reading up on this G api at the moment.

    Once it's workable, I'll announce it properly.
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    @C0D4 and you must do that announcement properly in at least 3 languages too!
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    @theKarlisK Three is not enough! We need at the very least the European ones, Asians, some Africans, etc.!
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