Video conferencing apps:

Competition is great. It just sucks when you have to use all the competition.

Things I want to be able to do:

- Test Mic and Audio before joining the call, BOTH DAMN IT (some do do this, some just one or the other).

- No fiddling in settings to do test / change settings. I want to know / test every damn time before I join ...

- and it would be great if it forced everyone to test too ;) (obviously some complications there if folks are joining and don't intend to talk)

Things I to see all the time on the app, don't hide this shit, and GOD DAMN IT DON'T AUTO HIDE IT:

- Is my mic muted or not.
- Is my mic broadcasting sound or not.

I've been lucky enough to not have any terrible dork ups using these apps but man they seem to invite it by hiding stuff.

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    Most of the time is spent on checking if my mic is muted or not and it keeps hiding a second or two later. Is it that hard to draw a muted (or not) icon that is clearly visible all the times?
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    @asgs I totally agree, I need to know whether I can quietly ignore the meeting and write code
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    Golden rule for me: Don't use fucking zoom. 8/10 when I join meeting there's no sound.

    Just fucking use google meet.
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    @natikamura no issues with zoom so far. Teams is the bane of my existence
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    @TheCommoner282 I also have had no issues with zoom so far. @natikamura just check in the settings if connect to computer audio automatically when you join a meeting is on that should probably fix the problem.
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    @AkshayTolwani Gnerally the OS settings 'work' but each app sometimes has its own settings for audio and microphone .... that can differ from the OS :(
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