GF: How was your pitch to investors?
Me: it was great (... went-ahead to talk about the daunting process of the preparation and motivation).
GF: Why do you go through all this process, when you can become a fraudster, you can use voodoo and make it even easier, in less than 3 months you can buy a duplex, nice car and we can go shopping... you don't need to do any human ritual unlike before - I heard you can even meet a chief priest to make it faster for you.
just get the bag abeg (slang for getting rich quick).

Me: Fuck the day I met you, not everyone wants to be a low-life, and fuck out from my life.

Men if you live in a saner society, or you are born to elite/upper-middle-class you don't how lucky you are.
Most times I wonder how I keep my sanity with all these shitty people around. like messed up society where almost everyone is a fucking deep hypocrite
.I know I need to change my circle but how the fuck do I do that when I am surrounded by fuckstards, which are far worst than Gypsies.
lowlifes with low dreams.
I need to get the fuck out of this place!

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    "and 𝘸𝘦 can go shopping"
    So you commit the crime and she just enjoys what comes out of it? Wow.

    I can't fathom how people can think like that, commit crimes, screw other people over and then sleep like a baby. To me it's like you said, it's about principles and values, but also I don't think I could live with the fear of being caught any day.

    Please don't ever become a fraudster, you'll eventually get there legitimately and it's gonna be something you're gonna be proud of. I'm rooting for ya!
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    Snip snip. βœ‚οΈ

    Seriously, cut them out of your life. Talk to people online if you can’t find anyone local that’s sane. It’s much more difficult to change your life if the people in it keep trying to drag you back.
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    @neeno *plays USSR music in the background*

    >Talk to people online if you can’t find anyone local that’s sane.

    Reason I am here and thanks to internet I can find people from whom I can learn and who I admire.
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    Jeeezzzz I don’t know the full story but the “sorry for asking” sounds like is shaming you for it, that’s a 🚩
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    You can't choose for others, but you can choose for yourself and just walk away from such people. From experience being around corrupted will corrupt, it just takes time.
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    Better to have none, than to have negative influence.

    Edit: also, you look young and fit! Gotta Exit out your crap-situation. Whole dR is standing behind you for support!
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    @dder nope, I'm not.
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    @duckycode Her saying shit about him being supposed to be a fraudster is the only red flag needed.

    @Meetife Please cut that person out of your life. You deserve someone l much less materialistic.
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    Seriously tho, I don't know how you got from your gf being materialistic to needing to get out of there and society being shit. And are you assuming that it won't be shit elsewhere?

    Also, I've been in a similar situation, and I know it doesn't feel nice to get stuck between the possibility of going to jail and losing the affection or trust of someone close. I lost the affection, and it sucks. But that's the difference between people. You are what you choose to be.
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    well....Nigerian fraudsters tend to make a lot of money and the girls? epic gold diggers. as a Nigerian I have had to act cool and laugh when people ask me if I want to do gee(become an internet fraudster) our work for one since I know how to use a PC(hilarious).

    every young person in my country, every damn young person knows there's hardly a job left out there, they don't want to study at all to at least compete for the little jobs out there all they want to do is dress well and carry women around campus and become internet fraudsters(it had become a norm)

    you earn respect amongst your fellow guys and ladies(whores, very rare to find one that isn't) adore you.

    we have fallen so low, so freaking low and I was always worried it would be a problem, well it isn't for me, I don't care if the girl I care about is attracted to them and their lifestyle, I'll get over it.
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    @ilechuks73 easily said, but it is simply not possible that a half of 200 million population are gold diggers and the other half are fraudsters. You are looking at the flashy attention seekers and assume they're the whole population.

    Plus, a bigger issue you're facing is not the dynamic of jobs (a senior exits the chain, a junior enters the chain), it is more than 60% of your population being below the age of 24 (source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.... ) while the country runs on much less population. The govt is not creating as many jobs as there are young adults entering the workforce. I'd argue even the education is not being done right.
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    @kescherRant scratch that last "I", how did that get in there?
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    @kescherRant somebody is an overthinker 😜
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    @NoMad there might be a problem with this statistics because I know how poorly census is being carried out but then it doesnt take away the fact that there isn't a problem with the way young people in my generation think or what they want out of life. but the bigger thing is that I have refused to care. I have seem people who try to change things as young people get older still trying to change things and before they know it, they realize they have wasted so much time without doing anything for themselves.
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    @ilechuks73 other counties are no better either.
    But I should count my blessings because one man's loss is another woman's win. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I'm literally moving around the world because of shortage of professionals.
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