CTO: I told you to be careful with the live bucket and now it's completely exposed to the public. I don't think I can trust you with this can you please generate your files somewhere else. This is unacceptable.
*Me frantically trying to figure out what's going on*
*5mins later*
CTO: ?? Any ideas?
Me: A theory
Workers were executing function X which called save on a model that dint have a path name but instead it called function Y which generated a path for the object to be saved in. This has overridden all the original objects with newly generated ones.

I created my versions out of the newly generated ones. Here's the command and the functions mentioned above.
*Hands over code/links etc*

CTO: Oh I guess I just panicked hahah

All of the functions and commands were written by him and executed... By him.

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    Damm... :/
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    Oh man my heart skipped a beat half way through this thought you were part of our company - Such a familiar story.
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    At the risk of sounding incompetent, what is a "live bucket" and why does it contain generated files?

    Is this similar to a production web server having all files accessible when a user goes to a root URL?
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    @MakubeX pretty much. We keep original (source) files in said bucket that we use to generate other ones.
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