Wanna mess with users? Take

“OK” and “Cancel”.

You know what looks visually the same but means the opposite?

“NO” and “Confirm”.

Deploy that little ui update overnight and watch the world burn.

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    You really love your users, don't you
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    Love it, also the hair you’ve grown!
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    Oh! oh! Make the both buttons switch places at random between different steps!
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    @theKarlisK no, that’s gonna be obvious like “ui is changing, activating max attention”. But if ui isn’t changing there’ll be no attention as usual and that’s when we gottem
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    Based on log entries majority of users always power off their device after this message... So the cancel option was changed to "Dismiss action".
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    @GiddyNaya omg HAHAHAHA! Looks like there’s no way out
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    I think it is for the safety reason. I think they switch the location so user will accidentally click No rather than Ok. Clicking No is more safe than accidentally clicking Ok and subscribing to stuff you do not want.
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    And this is why you read before clicking
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    I know it is common sense but you cannot expect every people to read. We need some kind of way to prevent our self from making stupid mistake.
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    You want to get fired? Because that's how you get fired
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    @theabbie no if you can explain this decision. Also being afraid of getting fired is a cuckery
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    @uyouthe I think getting fired is a big deal, Anyways, If someone is skilled they shouldn't be afraid of that
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    I've done that on regular basis..
    But never foget to explain the upcoming error, that needed for the next meeting.
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    @theabbie I got fired once.

    6 months later, I was eating lunch with the manager that fired me and he was like "dude, it was so obvious you hated it, part of me was thinking i was doing you a favor".

    He was right. Firing me was the best thing that could have happened for my career.

    So I took that fork and plunged it right in his eye and you know what, you get another job. No biggie.
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    @letanque I have heard that new employer checks the reason of being fired from previous job. And If someone is fired for being a dick, they might have trouble getting new one.
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    @theabbie precisely why the fork-to-eye move was crucial.
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    @letanque Thanks, this might help in future
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    Jk, please don't do this!
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    Hahahaha, I like this idea
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    That's a nice way to fuck the UX.
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    Now this is what I call pure evil.
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