Bash and substitution patterns is character diarrhea.

And said Bash "script" consists of multiple shitton files with sources and Environment variables and other stuff that makes me wanna poke my eyes out and cram it into my arse.

Still shitty, but more tolerable.

I will have an clusterfuck of nightmares I guess.

All these # will gangup with the ~ and then the ? will start an knife attack to rip out their intestines. But all fails as the ! shred everything to bits by blasting it with anti tank sniper munition.


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    { [ "${rant##*${NL:-$'\n'}}" = '*dizzy*' ] && [[ "${rant}" =~ ^.*([Dd]iarrhea|[Ss]hit|[Ff]uck).* ]] ; } && echo "dude chill..." || echo "could be worse :) "
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    If I have to write a bash script of more than a few lines I'll generally give up and use Perl - I mean, it's Perl, but it is at least a little saner.
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    Perl... No no...

    Me not like Perl at all.

    In theory I could have rewritten it. But since the script is integral part of deployment / CI... We not touch that forbidden SM studio.
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    @IntrusionCM No-one likes it. It's Perl. It's just a slightly saner syntax than bash.
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    Hm. While I dislike the Bash Substitution Patterns - hence the rant - Perl is imho the worst.

    Might have become better (I don't think so since the Perl 6 debacle is all about we didn't change it till now)...

    If there exists something like Shellcheck maybe. Since that at least enforces some sanity in bash.

    Perl reminds me of PHP 4 - the dumber retarded twin...
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    True enough. Though when your choices are that or nothing, there's definitely worse options.
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    To be honest, I like bash substitutions :) I'd really like them to be completely adopted by posix. It does take some time to craft a proper set of substitutions at the beginning to get the job done, I give you that. But once you learn/understand them, you find them actually handy :)

    truth be told, after I learned them quite well, I wished other languages had them too. I mean, an ability to make substantial modifications to a variable by referring it in a particular syntax - it's an 'i++' of bash :)

    but that's just my xp. I usually prefer the classic shell syntax, but bash variables' substitution is something I'm willing to make an exception to any time :)
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    Bow to perl!
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    @bahua bow to tie your shoe so it doesn't get lost when you stick it up its ass lol
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    @netikras Without a doubt, they're useful.

    I just had too much in too short time.

    Brain went "WHEEE'

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