I have this one chick on Twitter that she used to be a fellow classmate of mine while I was going for my Bachelors degree.
She would always bitch and complain about how the teachers we had were horrible at teaching. I had to interact with her because of one assignment and EVERYONE in the team was good and well with the items, we finished it rather quick (build a terminal emulator) and we were just thinking about ways to make it look cooler. It was challenging to be honest, but everyone was so interested in it and had all the materials requires plus a very nice instructor to go with that would be overly happy to answer questions and provide additional content, the instructor in question made no book requirement for the class and provided instead free resources, be it video content or his own code on the matter to make sure that everyone got it.

Dude was amazing (most of my university instructors were truly fascinating or people that had worked for very interesting projects) and so when she complain that the guy "had no idea how to teach" I decided to investigate a little.

You see, she had NEVER taken any consideration that maybe you should advance your studies in the field, particularly in programming, by doing your own fucking research. No, the professor is not supposed to hold your fucking hand while you are trying to understand how a fucking function IN FUCKING PYTHON works, dude gave a full length lecture and the only retard that did not understood the topic: was you. He went to you to help you and instead you gave the man an attitude because for some fucking reason he was accounted for your own fucking stupidity. Motherfucker was there for more than 30 minutes trying to explain to this dumb chick the nuances of def hello(): return "hey there" and for some fucking reason you were too daft to understand that.......

The chick complained to us in the team how because of work she had NO time whatsoever to dedicate to reading programming or general software engineering materials......yet her twitter was FULL of book reviews concerning novels and self help books and bullshit like that.

If you are like that, and blame it on your teachers: fuck-you.

To this day she still bitches about the teachers from time to time, I legit told her once that she had no business attending a C.S degree.

Do you think you can get into Julliard without ever touching a fucking instrument? no. Do you think you can tell some Terence Fletcher-throwing-a-chair-at-your motherfucker to show you how to position your hands on a drumstick or what keys to press on a piano? FUCK NO.

If you were being DAFT on a ProGraMmiNg101 for which they picked Python to be the language to use and blamed your fucking stupidity to a teacher then yet again: FUCK-YOU

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    XY: Oh all this injustice in the world and nothing that I can do....

    Me: Help out in the soup kitchen... Entertain the elderly in the retirement home...

    XY: But...

    Me: No but. If you can complain, you can work. *Death stare*

    Sums it up pretty accurately, just another _typical_ situation.

    *motherfucking idiots*
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    Agreed. Though plenty of people get MBAs without any management or work experience, so I guess things can possibly decay.
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    And what happened with her? Did she drop out? Did she become a Twitter celebrity?
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    @JhonDoe She has 23 followers on Twitter and 31 on Instagram, so yeah. You could say that. (Not even counting OnlyFans!)
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    There are different people, and we should try to find the aproach to everyone
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    @AdamBer what? no. This chick was approached multiple times by both instructor and classmates and she just wanted to be a little shit about it. Did you not read the part about the instructor literally giving her class time just to her to make sure that she could understand and she acting like a bitch to him?
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    @AdamBer correct approach to people like this is with a truck at full speed
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