You want to know what shit is?
Go use Alibaba cloud service!

Trying out the service and luckily for me i only paid a few bucks.

-- Poor documentation which seems like it was written by the team from sales.

-- Poor github code samples... If i had written similar code while in college, it would be far better than their code samples... no exaggeration, It literally has 0.1% comment.
See for yourself

-- Its Object Storage (OSS) C# APIs are all synchronous (Who fucking wrote this piece of shit deserves 10,000 punch in the face). You just killed the whole essence of netcore with oss.

-- Error logs are in Chinese (This was expected but seriously Ali you sold your product in English. WTF you got no English dev)

Coming from an Azure world, i would say Alibaba cloud is still in its infant stage (Cheap to use and Expensive to manage).

Make use of it at your own risk!

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    Jian Yang got you covered with that Chinese AWS.
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    Why the hell would you use Alibaba or Chinese anything? Like seriously.
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    Going off a tangent, this reminds me of a geopolitical analysis video of the Pearl River Megacity project that China wants to be their version of Silicon Valley on steroids. One significant point raised was that no matter how good the Chinese manufacturing is, they just don't have what it takes to build that culture of intellectual and innovative prowess, mainly due to their authoritarian mindset.

    They can build a lot and they can build it cheap, but they aren't anywhere near to building as good.
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