For my school coursework, we have to create a search facility, now the problem is my class weren't taught this. So 3 sleepless nights and with basically no knowledge of Javascript, I create it. Now, I like my classmates so I don't want them to fail, so I distributed it to them with clear instructions and told my teacher that I'd done this. They asked for my help anytime it crashed but no-one said thanks, they just treated me like an easy route to a pass. I went onto my school private development forums and it turned out my teacher had created a tag for me called 'Unsung Hero' and made a UH appreciation thread that I could read but others could only type their own post. People in my class were praising me for what I'd done and how much I helped. I understand why I do development and why I'll never stop.

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    Lucky you. Keep up the good work.

    I had opposite experience. I had created a share with all the programs just for my friend group in college but it got out and people in their infinite wisdom tried to "make it better" (if you think replacing descriptive variable name like "rotationAngle" with B and removing all the indentation is improving it, basically minify and uglify) somehow messes it up and blamed me for writing shit code and "I don't know anything". Why the hell are you using my code to pass then? And btw, who gave you the link to my private share? (This was a simple graphics application that only I had managed to get running correctly. Two whole weeks ago). And to add salt to burn, they think pX from our class who is just a bookworm is the best programmer while truth is he doesn't even know how many things work he just copy pastes. I don't mind that, what really irritates me is his friends will eventually come to me, get my help and then distribute it to others under pXs name
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    @dalastTomCruise u made me loled hard
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    @flag0 That's why you don't share code in class.
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    My friend went the opposite way. For a project they had to make a pacman AI. He was required to have a partner, so he asked the studentnumber of the laziest, never in class guy.
    On every assignment he had to hand in he put that guys studentnumber.

    His AI was the best of all classes that year, at the end he was asked to come to the front of the college room (with every AI student there) ,except for the one guy.

    He then thanked that guy, because without him he wouldnt be there. Every student laughed so hard, everyone knew the guy did nothing. The teacher had no clue.
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    @zombie01 I'm going to do this from now on. This is brilliant.
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    @theDatron my friend made that guy complete 3 classes without his knowledge
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    @sheepz glad to hear lol
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